"We built Drystar to create time for people to do what they love."


Our mother often made various to-do-lists, cooked a week’s worth of meals over the weekend and took baskets of clothes to the laundry mat. This was all done to make sure things ran smoothly during the week. She worked a fulltime job with a long commute to and from work. Working six days a week at his job, our father also delivered newspapers in the wee hours of the morning. Somehow our parents managed to take us to church, basketball practice, music lessons and attended special events at school. We watched them jungle their busy lives and thereafter we followed in their footsteps.

As grown men with families of our own, we appreciate the hard work and time our parents put into raising us. Hindsight has taught our parents that “time” is precious. They tell us, “Going home and spending time with your family and your real friends keeps you happy and healthy.” Consequently, we’re getting better at choosing the way we want to spend our time.

Our passion is to live our lives doing what really matters. For us, spending time with God, family and friends are very important. There are only 24-hours in a day. We want to use our time wisely. As a result, Drystar Cleaners was created! We choose to work hard at running our own business, so that we have more control over our time. We want this for our customers. Drystar has been created to set the framework for an easy breezy lifestyle for ourselves and our customers.


The services we provide are designed to save time. Our wash and fold service is an incredible time saver for busy professionals, working moms, students, or just anyone looking to get rid of another weekly chore. Our app will allow our customers to schedule us to pick-up, from their door steps, dry cleaning and wash-and-fold laundry. Clothes are returned within two days or according to our customer’s scheduled delivery date. Upon delivery, charges are processed to the credit card on file. Our customers tell us that their pleased with the quality of our services.

Time saving services at your fingertips is only the beginning of reclaiming time, Drystar is happy to be a part of providing these services. We’re all about that easy-breezy lifestyle!