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This is Drystar.

Drystar provides a combination of craftsmanship with the most advanced and environmentally friendly techniques in fabric care. Every piece, even everyday items, go through our seven stage cleaning process starting with an evaluation of the fabric and ending with a final hand inspection.We pride ourselves on service excellence, discretion and meticulous care for each customer's individual requirements.


Clean Laundry At Your Fingertips

Drystar Mobile was created to serve as an alternative to your typical laundry and dry cleaning experience, which too often involves confusing pricing, unclear processes or poor customer service. An alternative where delivery occurs at the tap of a button and happens around your schedule. Where people are friendly and knowledgeable about the way your clothes are treated. 



Experience Life After Laundry

Time is valuable and something you can't get back! Luckily, you have Drystar to take care of one of the most time consuming activities we all experience, our dry cleaning and laundry! Drystar gives you the power to request on-demand dry cleaning and laundry with the tap of a button. We deliver the most convenient, high quality pickup and delivery experience.